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Wednesday 23 June 2021
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Why The Mirror Lies

Why The Mirror Lies

We always count on the mirror to check our hair, put on makeup, or see how we look in an outfit, but can we actually trust what the mirror reflects back at us? Our reflection tends to play with our minds and tell our eyes to be unhappy with what we see or maybe it even tells us to be superficial when it comes to putting on tons of eyeliner. Mirrors don’t show who we truly are; mirrors don’t show our inner beauty that we desperately need to see more than anything else.

I’m not talking about our physical inner organs here. I’m talking about everything about our personalities that makes all of us unique. This part of us is our soul. Our soul is not something that can be physically seen, but it can be felt and it can be admired. We need to realize how beautiful our souls truly are. You may think that putting on makeup can help you have a pretty face, but nothing is more attractive than a beautiful soul.

Sometimes we are faced with situations where we wish we could see ourselves from another person’s eyes, to see if our own eyes deceive us. But even if someone else thinks we are physically appealing, it honestly doesn’t mean anything. Sure, it might make us feel better in the moment, but it really won’t help us for long-term confidence. In Fall Out Boy’s song “Save Rock And Roll”, my favorite lyrics consist of: “you are what you love, not who loves you”. These lyrics reflect that no matter how many people admire you, they can never define you. Only YOU can define you.

Our soul is composed of our personality, our talents, the activities and hobbies that we enjoy, and the people whom we love. It’s important to embrace these special qualities that make us different from everyone else. Think about the part of yourself that you’re the most proud of. Maybe it’s your caring and giving heart, or maybe you are really talented at a sport. Whatever it might be, you have at least one quality that defines your soul and defines who you are. Never underestimate your inner beauty.

If you don’t think you’re beautiful, you may want to do your research on the actual definition of the word “beautiful”. In fact, one of the main definitions of “beautiful” on dictionary.com is “excellent of its kind”. If you’re the best “you” that you can be, then you, my friend, are quite beautiful. Physical appearance standards may be a bit messed up due to society, but beauty can never truly be torn down. You just have to make the effort to let your inner beauty shine.

So the next time you look into the mirror, instead of frowning at an “unacceptable” appearance, think about your soul and smile, because strong inner beauty makes you more alluring than anything else.


Laura holds a bachelor of arts degree in television arts and creative writing from Bradley University. Her passion for writing started at a young age, and she hopes to succeed as a writer in the future.