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Wednesday 20 March 2019
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What Ever Happened to Bipartisan Politics?

What Ever Happened to Bipartisan Politics?

Let’s be honest, American politics has never been perfect. However, it seems that in decades and centuries past, politicians and policymakers have been able to put aside their differences and focus on common goals. Unfortunately partisanship has taken over today’s political landscape as liberals and conservatives alike constantly point the finger at each other and fail to make progress.

That broaches the questions: What happened to bipartisanship and common goals for common people? and Will bipartisanship ever return? As Americans we all should have many political issues we can agree on: job creation, better education, safety, higher quality of life, better transportation, planning and development. The problem is that we can’t agree on when and how to spend government funds.

I truly believe that many politicians want to see bipartisanship work again. After all, it makes them look good, since they will be the ones credited with the accomplishments. However, sadly it seems that both Republicans and Democrats are too prideful to admit that everyone has gone too far with the finger-pointing, and no party is choosing the high road in order to make waves that will benefit all Americans. Will we ever get a new wave of politicians that will put aside their differences and truly aim to work together? Will it be the class of the 2014 elections, or the 2016 elections? Only time will tell, but the dream of bipartisanship lives on.

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