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Wednesday 8 July 2020
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Today’s Assignment: Who is your Role Model?

Today’s Assignment: Who is your Role Model?
With the popularity of social media and the dawning of the generation of “likes,” women and our character as such are under attack. I can’t help but think that some aspects of the growing popularity of the “Cartoon Woman” with an exceptionally small waist and large derriere wasn’t something engineered by the likes of man. No, I mean, MEN.
Please do not let me be misunderstood, many Black and Latina women are born with such attributes. However, the extent which it has reached today is anything but natural, and in some cases it’s simply comical. There is nothing wrong with having plastic surgery or changing one’s appearance as long as it is for the right reasons. Therefore, if you have undergone any procedures that you felt were absolutely a necessity, then please disregard.

Women are BEAUTIFUL in all shapes and sizes. I understand the totality of insurmountable stress and pressure in the Entertainment industry. I’m against all body mutilation in all forms, including cocaine use for weight loss. I understand wanting to fit the mold, but what about the women who used to break the mold? You have to learn to be yourself and allow your light to shine through. You are all you have, therefore try not to lose yourself in the process of trying to “fit in.” Even if you’re not in Hollywood there is pressure to look a certain way. 

You have to reach a certain point in your life where being “YOU” is so much more important than being known for being an empty shell of yourself. You deserve happiness, and happiness is NOT hurting yourself. Happiness is looking in the mirror and accepting your beauty. You can change your hair color, eye color, get healthy, wear makeup, but don’t change the core of who you are to fit any standard but your own. Above all else, OWN YOUR BEAUTY. You’re beautiful!!

Women reconstructing their bodies to fit a unrealistic image is terrifying for many reasons:  One being- what happens when that look goes out of “style”?  Another point to consider: “Are you doing it for you, or did you do it because it would be more pleasing to men or the public?”
Currently, society is consumed with social media, which rarely focuses on the interior. Partly because everything is instantaneous and a portion of the world strives on instant gratification.  It can be addicting and is clearly provocative.  We all are guilty of at least one Social Media woe.

Another aspect I find disheartening is that we as women aren’t displaying our many attributes. I think many of us are selling ourselves short.  Our power as women is our bodies but also our minds: How we think, raise our children, lead a corporation, and most importantly, our voices when it comes to issues regarding society.
If you really allow yourself to contemplate the reality that is our society, you will begin to see what we have become:

Who are the women that WE have given a platform? Who have WE put in positions as Role Models? Who have we allowed in our homes? What are WE watching? What are OUR kids tweeting? Who do young girls look up to?
Reality Stars. Think about all the reality shows you watch. This is what your children are accepting as an example. Listen, I have nothing against the reality crowd. However, it is extremely important for us to realize who WE have put in the position of POWER and INFLUENCE, and how we have cheapened as well as undermined our own intelligence for entertainment.
We have provided women who display disgusting acts and behaviors with riches, power and fame. We are rewarding horrible behavior and worse, sending a horrific message to our young women: That they can make sex tapes, be horrible people, and be successful, be on magazine covers, be rich, and get attention.

It may be entertaining, but at what price? Do we really want to raise children who aspire to plot against others, gossip, and fight like animals for a check; or worse, to become famous for being the other woman, a “side chick”? We as women really need to rethink who we have given a platform to.

We are teaching our girls that if they release sex tapes they will become rich, be famous, and be someone. This is displayed in the pictures that young girls post and the topics of discussion on Twitter and Facebook.

Who are we raising our children to be?

I want to be crystal clear when I say this, I am not “hating.” I would never want to make dirty money. I won’t ever sell myself short, and especially not in that manner. I don’t want anything these women have. However, I believe in these women, I believe that they can turn themselves around and do better. God did not make us to be weak, he made us in his image. We all have the power to change and do the right thing. Yes, I am judging as a Christian, but I am doing it in an attempt to protect the future and our children, which many of us have forgotten.

As women, we shouldn’t have to modify our bodies, personalities, or intelligence to please the masses. Our existence of who we are as women, mothers, friends, best friends, wives, is so much more important than entertainment. It is so much more than a check or plastic surgery. 

We need to stand up and be proud of who we are. We have to teach our children to do the right thing, but first we have to do the right thing ourselves. Our future depends on it.

Simenona Martinez is an avid writer and business woman. She is passionate about making the world a better place.