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Friday 21 February 2020
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The H kiollywood Sexual Harassment and Stalking of Simenona Martinez

Over the last three years I have endured pain and suffering at the hands of crazed fans and bitter exes. I’m not nor have I ever been a fan of Seth MacFarlane’s work, what truly matters IS we have a group of stalkers targeting me without valid cause. 

I have released various statements, articles and reached out personally to the parties involved, which yielded no response. Resolution has always been my primary and only goal. However, I’ve received no response nor complaints, just more harassment for 3 years. 

The celebrities involved are as follows:

Trisha Cummings 
Halston Sage 
Emilia Clarke  
Kyra Santoro 
Vicki Krinsky 
Alexis Knapp 

In addition to about 15 fans. 

Here is evidence of them harassing me on Twitter:

○ The core issues here are MENTAL ILLNESS; Personality Disorders, low intelligence, immaturity, petty, mentally dubious, jealous, desperation, insecurity, drug use, and self defeating. Halston Sage: due to the fact that they do not like me they attempt to bait a fight. The fans desperately want the world to know according to them, that Halston and Seth are in love. Halston Sage and Seth MacFarlane engaged in PR relationship to promote the show The Orville and to alleviated his fans obsessing stalking of me. The actress Sage has engaged is toxic behavior by baiting fans towards further the conflict. The public relations company leaked the rumor that Seth purchased the dog. However, the fans would abusively attack me every time the dog appeared, therefore, I requested they not use the dog but neither MacFarlane or Sage cared.

Example: Stalker MrTwinkles started an argument due to my forgetfulness in adding Sage to a tweet. Immediately after that interaction, Sage instagram the dog that Seth did NOT buy her, with the intention of uploading the picture to further the rumor.  I don’t care if they are together on the side or front, she needs to stop further conflict. She is narcissistic and unprofessional. Regardless, I know Mr. MacFarlane would agree that it is essential to keep unflattering stories out of public forum, which is a behavior I planned to adjust accordingly myself.

That also, would require Ms. Sage to place her own reckless need for attention behind her ego, for the greater good. Baiting attention when you know the situation is toxic is completely demonic and despicable. She is playing a game often played by exes with mental illness and intense jealousy. Trisha is another example of this scary and potential homicidal behavior. Once a man doesn’t want anything to do with you, they desperately uploading old pictures,  liking his work and showing off rumored gifts to give the social media audience the idea the man is still with them.

It’s blatantly insecure and deafening concrete proof that he has no interest. Simply because if he did you’d be showing off him and not the materialistic objection he has allegedly given to you or an animal. Its because women like this see men like MacFarlane as object or a means to an end.  This is not a relationship based on love and cherishing one another but a barter of self esteems for public validation, that “SETH”- their item, is theirs. This is not a situation of “I am just going to allow myself to allow him to be happy and spread his wings.” No doubt, they will be active on social media TODAY to deflect, deflect.

The bigger issue here IS, I have Lupus and I can’t take stress. I don’t deserve slander and disgusting behavior by horrible people. The fact that I could die, and it simply doesn’t phase any of these criminals to stop playing games, clearly makes them void of empathy and consumed with darkened emptiness. You’re fueling the fire for your own ego and its disgusting. 

○The fact is Seth has not confirmed any relationship. Therefore, that doesn’t give ANYONE the right to stalk nor harass an individual based on information you simply don’t have because it has not been provided.

○ I don’t communicate with Seth on craigslist. This is another lie made up by that account. I don’t use that website to speak to anyone, especially if I have direct contact information

○ I can go to Vibrato’s anytime I wish. Another lie.

○ I’m not in a relationship with anyone. I’m single. A lapse in judgment and immaturity caused me to talk about my problems online. Unfortunately, I learned very quickly that people without lives and emotional intelligence love to consume it and twist it. The bottom-line its not anyone’s business but since I did make it public if people have nothing better to do then I must ignore.

○ I don’t think Seth is in love with me nor do I think he loves me.

○ No one has the right to attack my dating story on my licence publication, just because you think you know information about a stranger. This behavior is below elementary attics 

Some stalkers harass their victim not out of love but out of hate. Occasionally, stalking becomes a method of revenge for some misdeed against the stalker, real or imagined. Stalking can also be used as a means of protest. This is the smallest group, but this type of stalking, for revenge and protest, can be especially dangerous. There have been several killings by stalkers at abortion clinics, and mass murders around the country by employees who have been fired and then returned to stalk and eventually kill 
those who have fired them -(https://goo.gl/d6FeLe)

I deleted my Twitter accounts temporarily but all of my business accounts are completely fine and still up. I want everyone to type my name into Twitter and see my engagements from over three years ago. What you will find is, I never had any problems with anyone.

Let me tell you about miserable people… They will stop at nothing to attempt to make you feel as low as they do. That is fact. You should never engage these type of people, however, I do only for work.

When this all began in 2016, I had been working independently with the Jane Doe Project in rescuing sex trafficking victims.  Children were being sold online for prostitution, and I was working to combat those horrible crimes. TI happened to make an incredible connection with Seth MacFarlane. However, when we began talking, his exes (INCLUDING CELEBRITIES) and fans began trolling me before anything ever happened between us. My basic interaction with him caused his fans to follow me. Then, they began writing sexually aggressive and racially charged ads directed towards me. I didn’t know what to think, as I was being harassed and molested online. I couldn’t understand why anyone would be doing such an unstable and toxic thing. I honestly didn’t know what to think since I never experienced anything like this in the past.

Because of these complications, I became frustrated and said some things for which I have since apologized for. His fans continued to harass me on over 5 accounts with 500 tweets of psychobabble, nonsensical ramblings about the public aftermath without any knowledge with what goes on behind closed doors. A group of grown women share those toxic accounts questioning my illness and my character. Self-appointed, “Seth’s angels” because they want to protect him. However, they fail to see the only threat is them. Their toxicity is ruining his brand. Their constant obsession and delusion-based convictions towards me that are projections of themselves. The bizarre accusations and delusions which only exist due to their self-hatred and poisonous jealousy. I realize that they are mentally ill. They react to everything I say, they have my account on notification. Their sole purpose is to deny everything I say. If I say I am having a good day, they will say otherwise. The state of mental health in this country has to be of the utmost priority. They were constantly bating confrontation with me. It became too much because I was dealing with drama from a man who I am not even dating. I took to Twitter to seek refuge. People often ask why victims do that on such a public forum, I suppose it’s a sense of safety. If more people know, then you’re protected, right? But the consequence is the backlash. The bottom line is that if you are on the outside of a situation, you should not get involved either way since no one knows what goes on in the confines of a relationship or behind closed doors.

My current situation: A group of emotionally and cognitively challenged young women harassing me about a TV Show. At this very moment, they are reporting my businesses because they are jealous and hateful.

Last year, I was drugged and sexually assaulted. Prior to that, there was a troll account harassing me which now has approximately 500 tweets about me  (SMacFarlanePR). These fans and exes then proceeded to troll my sexual assault on craigslist non stop for 3 years to current day. They write fake ads as me and about me. 

I was receiving a lot of unwanted male attention who were writing to me, which I entirely ignored . The troll account attributed to creating more attention. They starting printing the location of my residence in these messages. That’s  why the police wanted to see if it could have been connected.

After I was raped, I sent my card to Seth’s sister for there record since it involved their fans. 

She blocked me and I went to Twitter out of hurt and shock to call her out on it. During this time the women’s March was occurring and she was very vocal. I misinterpreted that as someone who would be willing to help. However, we moved passed that and it’s over. I was unblocked. THAT WAS A YEAR AGO.

The group of jealous women are mad about what I said because they are just looking to be mad about anything towards me.

Their claims:
I stalk and obsessed over Seth MacFarlane.

I can’t drive due to a heart condition and if I was a threat to the extent of urgency which you type then he would have a retraining order.

Common sense:
If I was obsessed then my page would be full of him, IG (Simenona). Its’ not.  He would be all I ever talked about. He’s not.  I wouldn’t have missed his last shows. I would have been to all his other shows. I never seen anything he’s done. It’s not my taste.

Their Claim
You lie about dating him and he has a beard. (Girlfriend)

It’s not your business if I am dating him or not. If you feel that what I post is disrespectful then YOU ALSO NEED to delete your fan pages and don’t man crush him either. You’re only mad because it’s me and it makes you jealous.

It’s scary how mentally deranged these grown women are. They project all their problems on to me.

I have a job and I do a lot of good in the world. I would not be caught dead in a fandom. These criminals only want to report my business accounts because they’re hateful and jealous. Please pray for these women.

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@xoxo__madame ‏
@lillien33688817 ‏
@Toni_sweetheart ‏‏
@meowmacfarlane ‏‏ ‏
‏@MMlle ‏

I have organized it above.

During this time his fans began writing troll ads regarding my sexual assault. They are currently still doing this after 2 years. The group of exes has also been harassing me is by writing ads on Craigslist regarding my sexual assault. Every day, they write massage ads due to the fact that I was assaulted by a masseur. This is a hateful attempt to troll and make light of my sexual assault.

Kyra and Trisha are in contact with the man who raped me in 2009. That’s how mentally ill these women are.

The ads they obsessively write are as follows.

1. Being raped by the masseuse.

2. Paramount regarding where the rapist of 2009 lives.

3. My Red Panty Study

4. Phone sex ads

5. BBW ads

6.  Lonely and Broke ads

7. Wheelchair Ad

8. Incestuous ads

9. Ads about being a virgin

When confronted they write more bogus ads and answer them dubiously.

All the information is what I provided on my free thinking account which Trisha stalked. They’re attempting turning into sin to sexually harass and abuse me. These are sick individuals.



Mirroring – Imitating or copying another person’s characteristics, behaviors or traits.

Borrowing a Self-Image

Mirroring occurs when people with Personality Disorders have a vacant or distorted self-image, which can manifest itself as an imitation of another person’s speech, hair, eye color, mannerisms, colors, dates, behaviors, dress style, purchase preferences or daily habits.

In more extreme manifestations of this behavior, the person doing the mirroring might begin to believe they actually are the other person, to the extent they might call themselves by their name, claim to be them or ‘borrow’ elements of the other person’s life such as relationships, past experiences, career or family history and claim these as their own.

Mirroring can be a form of Dissociation, where a person’s strong feelings create “facts” which are less than true.

A dramatic case of mirroring is portrayed in the movie Single White Female, in which the character Hedra Carlson (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) begins to imitate her new room-mate Allie in the way she looks, dresses and behaves, imitating her haircut, wearing her clothes and ultimately seducing Allie’s boyfriend.

What it Looks Like

  • A man switches accents to mimic a colleague.
  • A woman wears identical clothing to her friend.
  • A mother wears her daughter’s clothing.
  • A teenager makes phone calls in which she pretends to be her sibling or parent.
  • A secretary wears her boss’s wife’s perfume in an attempt to seduce him.
  • A man writes letters in which he forges his boss’s signature.

Mirroring Evidence in this Case


How it Feels

There is an old saying that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, and a little mirroring can sometimes be taken as a compliment at first. You may feel honored or flattered when someone begins to mimic your fashion sense, your behaviors or traits.

However, when this becomes pervasive, it can start to feel a bit “creepy”. It can become quite unsettling to realize someone is paying so much attention to you, yet isn’t behaving in the normal or healthy ways which are part of a reciprocal relationship. If they begin to see you as a representation of themselves you may find yourself in a situation of Engulfment, and be under extreme pressure to stay in the relationship.

If that person begins to pretend they are you, it can become downright frightening. You may fear other people will mistake them for you, that they will behave in ways which will embarrass you, get you into trouble, or make you unpopular.

How to Cope

There are no laws against imitation, and people who are unfamiliar with Personality Disorders may struggle to understand any complaints about mimicry and fail to take your fears seriously.

It is often best to detach as much as possible from a person who is mirroring you. Be aware that sometimes, when you try to cut off contact with a person who has been “super-nice” while mirroring you, they may Splityou from ‘good’ to ‘evil’ , and you will possibly see some of their “not so nice” side come to the surface via False accusations, Fear of Abandonment, Emotional Blackmail, Threats or Stalking.. Do not let this prevent you detaching if you feel the relationship is unhealthy – get yourself some backup.

What NOT to do

  • Don’t allow yourself to be emotionally blackmailed into spending time with someone you feel threatened by.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be isolated into just one relationship with someone who is mirroring you at the cost of other healthy ones.
  • Don’t give up things you love to do or healthy behaviors to try to navigate any kind of dysfunctional engulfment.

What TO do

  • Surround yourself with supportive friends who will understand and validate you in a healthy way.
  • Put some distance between you and a person who is mirroring you.
  • If you must spend time with someone who is mirroring you, take along a supportive friend.
  • Call the police at the first incident of violence or threat of violence.
  • (https://goo.gl/DqzGz5)

Please know that if I temporarily delete my social media its because I am capable of life outside. It’s beautiful.

I ask that Fox please take care of this situation which has caused me massive pain and suffering.

I’m a 27 year old and a disabled woman being harassed by a Seth MacFarlane’s fandom on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Craigslist and Whisper.

They are spreading slander and publicly posting my address. Sending false complaints in about my business and I am ready for this to end and I don’t know where to turn to. I need help! These girls are threatening me and its really unhealthy.  Any assistance would help, please.

The 3 Stages of a Dangerously Obsessive Ex

The obsessive ex, love, and murder. (PsychologyToday)






Above gallery is Kyra Santoro psychotic mirroring episodes and her aggressive obsessive sexual harassment on Craigslist non stop for 3 years to current day. Kyra also began wearing her hair styled as mine. Kyra Santoro continuously baits/bashes, she’s obsessed.

Emilia Clarke

Above Gallery shows Emilia Clarke’s psychotic mirroring. In constant competition and harassment on CRAIGSLIST.

Emilia Clarke has been mirroring me for quite some time, since she began discussing IQ levels and scientific experimentation to try to compete with my intelligence due to her insecurities. She even exaggerated the story about her aneurysm to include the use of 11 to mirror my connection to the number. Then she began using the color red to mirror my timeline. In addition, when I began sharing my fashion designs, she started to post about fashion. When I posted that my body is like J-Lo’s, she proceeded to wear a dress like J-Lo’s. So, the mirroring had been multi-faceted and well documented.

In addition, she has been writing ads on Craigslist calling me a BBW constantly in attempts to troll my weight because she is insecure about her own figure. She then have a shout-out to Lizzo as a passive aggressive way to troll the fact that she is writing these ads against me.

She has also been guilty of taking away my followers on Instagram and Twitter due to her  extreme jealousy against me. In April 2019, she stopped the engagement on my Missing Children account when there was missing African American boy with autism, and because of her actions the boy was subsequently murdered. Thus, she is directly responsible for that. Her hate is now affecting lives of innocent missing children who I volunteer to help locate safely.

Trisha Cummings‘ psychotic behavior and mirroring. Trisha trolls on craigslists writing fake ads about herself as if MacFarlane would need to. Trisha also began wearing her hair styled as mine. Her attacks have been racially motivated and violent. She has been arrest and is an addict.

Alexis Knapp

Alex Knapp psychotic mirroring behavior and trolling on craigslist. She carried on a relationship while pregnant with another man’s child. She stalked MacFarlane at his premiere but was shut down immediately and publicly.

Crystal Curely

Fan exhibiting psychotic mirroring behavior. This fan obsessively trolled on Twitter. She’s threatened me and it understand the delusion that she is protecting Seth from me.

Olivia Culpo

Above is the evidence of Oliva Culpo’s psychotic involvement. Her racist remarks.

Alexandria Daddario

Above provides Alex Daddario’s involvement and established relationship with the other defendants like Kyra Santoro etc.

Vicki Krinsky

Shown in this pboto is when his cook attempted to intimidate me.

Shown above is slander by fans.

His exes trolling with Seth MacFarlane

I honestly don’t think Amelia and the rest of the women understand what took place because as stated before crazy people don’t know that they’re crazy.
So, I’ll explain. The act of mirroring which Kyra, Emilia, Alexis,Halston, Trisha, etc. displayed is byproduct of their mental illness. It’s not just about jealousy but about observing various episodes of borderline personality-in attempts to understand this very complex disease. People with personality disorders can not help themselves but to mirror. Amelia changing her hair and wearing that purple dress was an attempt to insert herself in my “perceived position.”
If a person is sane but most importantly, innocent then they will not engage but they are neither… This was the position which I stated that I was in.
“Seth has tried to build my trust that’s why he went with Emmy’s with Alex and because they’re like family. He wanted to show me that I could trust him and that he didn’t care about Amelia and supposedly*wanted me. Alex sporting that Lupus purple. She’s a good person.
This was the position which I stated that I was in.That’s exactly why Amelia placed, rather, mirror herself in THIS position as me.The need to even act this behavior out, whether you see it as shade or a joke, isn’t sane but an illness.
You see, if l was WRONG about all of my accusations then there would be no evidence of the behavior accused. Therefore, it also validates everything which I said that took place while getting my hair done.
It’s evidence of her involvement.”Sane” people wouldn’t have a need to engage in such behavior but a person with borderline personality would.
Amelia was caught on 4 27# 30.
They lack self awareness.. They think that they’redoing something other than acting out symptoms of one’s disease. Symptoms that I was victim to for over 3 years and no one cared because it didn’t affect them. So by her showing up she literally proved the validity of everything that I ever said.
Same with Kyra… Yet, Kyra was too dumb to understand what she was doing, along with the rest.
Now to put this into perspective.
was raped, stalked, sabotaged, humiliated, doxed,harassed, slandered.. just passing the anniversary of my sexual assault, Amelia can not engage in empathy but rather, she continued to attempt* to hurt me more.
She’s insane, as are the rest.People who are happy and strive for sanity don’t do that. It takes a special kind of crazy to continue to kick someone while they’re down.Just think about it in terms of this…
What do I do with the exception of a response, to provoke such hatred…??
Think about what I do.
Post amber alerts, write and never show up to anyone’s events… Seth and I never dated.. we will NEVER date. That’s the bottom-line and it is understood. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Honestly, Amelia really needs to get over Prince Harry…. you weren’t the only one who turned him down.
I wanted to explain this because I didn’t think people understood why this was an absolute victory for me.Common sense if you’re ‘sane’ you avoid it but if you’re obsessed then you never ignore it.
The thing is SETH doesn’t want any of them..not a single person has considered that at any time if Seth had any feelings of me being a threat or even a factor then HE COULD HAVE LEAKED A DATING STORY to separate himself from me… A legit dating story. Why hasn’t he? If he wanted any of them then he’s a man, he would have claimed them. Yet, here they are attempting to attach themselves to him.
Here I am avoiding it all. Hollywood Hate Crime is verified. I literally don’t overshare on social media… That’s key… My trauma is completely under control. I’m not out here wearing other people’s clothes, hair or personality.
I’m literally laid back and normal. I’m not obsessed with my ex and I am real, no plastic.
Anything they do now is just irrelevant as they are. Boom. All in a days work, kid. Literally the fact that people obsessively write about me on CL where you literally have to register a phone number, confirm it, write post, confirm it and press end. That’s dedicated to crazy.
The most epic display of absolute genius level of stupidity would be that they all attempted to shade me WHILE WEARING EXTENSIONS THEMSELVES..which by doing so, supports the claim of racism because they are only concerned about me wearing EXTENSIONS as a black woman. = Hate Crime
My ex was murdered by a woman who displayed these characteristics. We can prevent crimes such as these by further studying these behaviors. It’s crucial to identify the warning signs early on.
The psychological act of trolling itself is psychopathic.

Evidence. #HollywoodHateCrime

Evidence 1.0 #HollywoodHateCrime

Evidence 2.0 #HollywoodHateCrime

In response to what I said about nudity in the industry, Emilia tried to spin her story around to change the narrative surrounding her own decisions to do nudity on screen. In response to this, she took away my followers, which proved that she was also taking away my followers away from Amber Alert account:

More evidence against Emelia:

Evidence 3.0

Section 2: Kyra and the green. Kyra hacked into Seth’s account and mine… Kyra had been fired. Inside the chat, document 1.e had been shared. Docment 1.e

More Evidence:

More Evidence: She made sure to write Del Amo. She didn’t have to but she did because again she’s a moron.

Screenshots are from my Twitter account. I was nicole badass…. Document 1.2

Image 1: Halston had access to the acct because she made sure to get face time after she found out who I was related to. Image 2: After being exposed for leaking a fake blind, Halston doubles down by uploading a picture of that dog but Rachael approves.

More Evidence: Alexis was seeking attention because she wanted to get a angry reaction.

Literally, cowards. They do it for attention and because they are losers. They refuse to stop harassing me.

More Evidence: Trisha put emojis on two ethnic people’s heads in order to “prove she’s not racist” because she has ethnic friends.

Beautifully, Trisha commented on this status last night. She’s a racist and he’s obsessed with her. She runs him and his family. All the racists trolls liked her status, the same ones who trolled me online. That’s her posse.

Evidence of antisemitism:

More evidence against Trisha:

My stalkers are dedicated…. but the one account with over a thousand tweets was deleted.

After Seth put Kyra back on the Orville, she continued to troll me and harass me on Craigslist. On the first night that she returned, there was an excessive amount of trolling. As proof that she can still see into my account/chat, she had herself tagged in France and Hawaii in response to what I was saying in the chat. After she read my mention of Hawaii and Seth in the chat she also uploaded “Don’t Text Your Ex” in direct response to me.

More evidence of what his exes engage in in attempts to gain attention and to garner a reaction is posting videos with guys who resemble Seth in the background to make it appear as though they are with him.

Seth then had this page created to distance himself from Kyra, by showing himself pictured with Halston at his party. Seth did this in attempts to cover up own guilt of stalking and abuse. Seth was carrying on a sexual relationship with Kyra ever since she wrote that transsexual ad last year. I suspect that he will soon go on a pap walk with Halston. He was just doing this to torment me.

All I have ever asked for is to be left alone.

Go to HOLLYWOODHATECRIME.COM for more information.

They continue to troll my ex who was murdered, as evidenced below:

Regarding Seth’s Christmas Party:

Here is evidence that Seth is a serial dater of young women who work for him. This shows that he abuses his power to date actresses who are looking for the promise of more work by dating a Hollywood producer.