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Sunday 22 September 2019
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5 Chic Summer Outfits with Jeans

Every summer we have different fashion trends that we are so excited about. This time, jeans are the absolute hit. Although you may think...

fashion mistakes

5 Fashion Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

Women’s fashion is a complicated affair, and it can feel like you need a PhD to know what all the rules are and how to combine them. Not...

Hello Autumn: Must-Have Essentials

Autumn is right around the corner You would expect that with autumn coming you will have to wear a lot of heavy cover-up clothing. Wrong....

The Two Most Important Items in Your Closet

You’re standing in front of your closet with that awesome printed skirt you just bought.  Think Peter Piloto or Clover Canyon (I...

Fashion: 3 Trends That Are Holding Strong

Trends come and go, sometimes so quickly that by the time you decide to jump on the bandwagon it’s already over.  Sometimes though, a...

Fashion Resolutions

It’s February and you’ve been at those New Year resolutions to eat better, work less and exercise more for a full month.  Tiring!...