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Friday 5 June 2020
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Staying out of your own head

Staying out of your own head

Worrying about something only creates stress and distracts us from what we really should be doing and takes focus away where focus should be.

How many of us have so much to do in a day!? There’s not enough time to get what we, “need” to get done, let alone what we, “want” to get done.

So focusing on something that maybe someone else did to upset us when we have zero control over other people’s action, is really a waste of time. Of course if it’s a problem or something that requires your attention. Be pro-active, do everything you can to help the situation, and then let it go.

Sometimes, time & reflection is required to give yourself clarity and then when the answer is clear proceed. Sometimes, immediate action is necessary. Other times, you need assistance from others whether it’s a friend, a doctor, or even legal council for example. Do what you can and then move forward without the situation, “OWNING” you and your thinking.

There comes a point in life that you have to let go and realize that we do not have control over everything. When we can let go, we then can experience true freedom. I know for myself, this is extremely important to me. Not only is it important for my own well being and health, it’s important to stay balanced for my family, friends, and any/all business. When we allow others to effect us negatively it flows into other area’s of our life.

Distractions are the healthiest tool:
Listen to music that you love! Take care of all your responsibilities, making you feel accomplished, clean, organized, tackle a project that you have been meaning to tackle because that project will then become your focus and when your done you will feel so much better than if you gave your precious time to a situation or someone who really isn’t worth that much energy.

I’m not saying to ignore a problem, I’m saying to do the best you can to fix it and then let it go and move forward in your life. When the situation needs further attention you will know and handle it with the best of your abilities and with grace (hopefully) that is the goal right!?

Beautiful things happen every day but if we allow others to distract us with “Their” problems or allow other’s to create “problems” for us, we miss the wonderful moments.

So, with that being sad… Deal, let go, and move forward!

To happiness!!!! Cheers

Light & Love Samantha Bennington

Since 1996 working in the music industry, consulting in the music business re: song writing, placement, shopping deals, distribution deals, show cases, develop artist, & produce music. CD's, sing in "house/dance", creator of children's meditation CD's, copy wrote my first book ( I have not released it yet) created & wrote my first television show called, "Hollywood Houseguest" (working title) One offs on radio shows (girl talk radio-Canada) Owner-life coach of Creative Life Coaching & a certified Advanced DNA Theta Healer. www.samanthabennington.com