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Friday 24 January 2020
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Simenona vs. Seth MacFarlane and The People

Simenona vs. Seth MacFarlane and The People
For the last 13 years or so I silently browsed Missed Connections on Craigslist. I found them to be funny, charming, delightful, bizarre and entertaining and outright creepy. At some point before Craigslist allegedly stopped allowing prostitution,  I would occasionally send resource links to help young trafficking victims escape from that life. During the month of September 2016, I innocently would share some missed connections on Twitter on an account that only interacted with a few people, one being cartoonist Seth MacFarlane. We had good energy, however, I didn’t think it went beyond much further than that. As a lover of anime and an avid voice-over history nerd, I respected him for his work but never actually watched it. It wasn’t my taste, but I did like Cosmos. I interacted with the same groups he interacted with, and it wasn’t an unbelievable occurrence that he took notice of my account giving his heavy usage of Twitter at the time. The problem occurred when a user by the name of Smiles started harassing me and sub-tweeting. I was in shock but to my dismay, this would be far from the last encounter like this. Due to the presence of this user, I was forced to interact with  Macfarlane more than I would have ever desired to, regardless of having an innocent crush for 8 years. I did not require any additional validation other than Twitter. Meaning, I had no desire to pursue a romantic relationship with him. Time passed about month and we were in October reaching November, I was in a depression and mourning the loss of my soulmate who was brutally murdered in 2007 by a jilted ex lover.  I would share post in regards to soul mates and dating, not to seek a relationship but to read about it and heal. It went no further than that. Around this time, I was still checking craigslist and as an avid reader for 13 years I noticed a change in the ads. They were different in sense that they were more Hollywood tailored, which was never the case.  I dismissed until more ad popped regarding personal information about me on craigslist. Things that have occurred in my life and no one would have knowledge of  unless they knew me.  From the writing style, I had a suspicious that it was Seth MacFarlane and that was confirmed by the several email exchanges. I was infuriated that he had spoken to my estranged family who I had endured shocking abuse from to find details about me.  I was offended and naturally disgusted that he broke my boundaries and did a background check. He didn’t bother to get to KNOW ME and give me to the option to see if I actually wanted to date him. Was it catfish? No, our families know each other Bill Morrison who as attends the same Shul as my parents approached in regards to Seth and then Seth followed up with the post regarding Bill and I conversation:


I wasn’t comfortable with the situation especially after saw Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron on a Pap Stroll. I lost faith in him and he subsequently wrote me this. 
December of 2016, would be the last time him and Charlize would appear to together for a pap stroll. However, I was still inconvenience and refused to move forward and he attempted to explain how he felt.
During this time, Mr. MacFarlane’s excitement got the best of him and that created backfire from his exes. The would entail harassment from Charlize Theron and being called a “Nigger” by Emilia Clarke, Kate Beckinsale and d-lister/social climber Trisha Cummings.
Charlize at her charity for young Children:
I refused to meet with him and he became embarrassed and ultimately ran away.
As a result of being basically stalked, I began to question Seth’s true motives. However, for a time I kept thinking he would not be a coward and come to my aide since he after all did create this entire problem which I never asked or pursued. I was wrong, he stayed silent and that ultimately made me appear unstable, which I was reacting normally to abnormal stalking and harassment. As a result of all this, I began lashing out on Twitter at Seth . As someone who has always lived their lives as a recluse, this was a nightmare. My bizarre behavior as a result caught the attention of more of his sociopath fan club, outside Hollywood suitors, Bitter Songstress and D list exes. I was being attacked from all sides while Seth stood silent and watched me take it all. He never bothered to follow me or acknowledge in anyway but threw me to the wolves and watched them eat me alive.  My health decreased and as did my emotional health. I lost weight and memory, and my heart conditioned worsened.
However, feeling remorse for attacking him publicly, though deserved, I decided to support him instead, take the high road.You can also head to my INSTAGRAM TO SEE MORE: SIMENONA
By March, I  had been stalked and targeted by twitter users for several months who began to harass me on other forms of social media as well, including Craigslist, Instagram and Tumblr, writing horribly abusive things, as well as attempting to catfish me. The direct twitter harassing behavior began on May 19, however, the accounts in question had been following my account and hovering over my timeline for months, as one user in particular @a_sourgirl had screenshots of my old tweets that I had deleted even before we ever came into contact on May 19th.
2.) I have attached screenshots of the multiple users involved in the harassment. They include: 
This is in direct violation of the policy on Twitter which that states: “You may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others” Some of the users, namely @a_sourgirl is also in violation of this section “the reported account is inciting others to harass another account”
On May 19th I tweeted something to a fan of Seth MacFarlane. At that point, the other users, supposed fans of Seth began to target and harass me. I am the users @simenona @simenonafans and @hismuseoflife in the screenshots:


As you can see, that behavior continued over several weeks. This is when I realized that these were the same group of women that had been targeting me on Craigslist and later on Tumblr as well. As @a_sourgirl said herself that she could catfish me. Here are some screenshots from Craiglist and Tumblr showing the harassment and gas-lighting that occurred. With the Craigslist post showing the sign language, this is tied to the twitter user @punkroez

In addition, they wrote another post on Craigslist, telling of my past rape and abuse in attempts to gaslight me and minimize my story:

Here is another Craigslist post targeting racial harassment, as well as the harassment on Tumblr:
Here is the evidence in the form of screenshots of other fake accounts on Twitter and Instagram that they were creating in attempts to catfish me:
Following our interaction, the group then began targeting my account with excessive fraudulent reporting which ultimately led to my account being frozen for several days:
After one user @butterscheerios apologized for taking part in the bullying, and I thanked her and apologized her her as well, the user @a_sourgirl confronted her and urged her to take back her apology:
@a_sourgirl also attacks other users who she possibly thinks is me:

​Here is evidence of @kazyjay extreme obsessive behavior:
​A​s you can see, I have been unfairly targeted and harassed. I appreciate your complete and through investigation into this matter, as this has directly affected my health is a negative way as I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia as well as many other health issues. This has caused me so much stress and activated my autoimmune disease. Please let me know if I can assist further in any way. I enjoy twitter and just want to go back to using it the way I did before all the harassment and stalking began. This stalking and harassment led me to lash out at Seth MacFarlane as well as others in ways that I would not have normally acted, and I have since apologized for those actions. I just would like the users investigated so we can put this all behind us.
And just for your reference, this is why I reacted so negatively to this situation:
More recently, this August an individual using the platform KIK reached out pretending to be someone in distress which I knew right away was my stalker from Twitter. In a attempt to gather information, I continued to engage only because reaching out to other parties such as, Seth Macfarlane, Fox, Twitter all fell on deaf ears. I was in remission when the year started as a result of being stalked, that is no longer the case. I have received pain and suffer due to this unfortunate situation as well as emotional trauma.


There are also Twitter accounts dedicated to solely stalking me. 
This is what I reported to Twitter, Fox and Craigslist in June in attempts to get the abuse to stop. Please note that some of the users have since changed their names on Twitter:
In October, I was sexually assaulted (not by Seth, but by someone else who abused their position) after Seth MacFarlane’s fan-base doxed my address and number. I filed a police report and completed a rape kit. I continued to speak my truth in attempts to shed light on sexual abuse and encourage other victims to use their voices to bring about positive change. The only reason why Seth and I really met was by accident, because Seth MacFarlane used Craigslist to pick up pregnant women for his fetish. He continuously gaslighted me, and instead of reaching out or helping to stop the abuse, he proceeded to fraternize with the people who were abusing me, as exemplified by the connections below:
The following message shows me reaching out to him to let him know that I did not want to be contacted by him due to the fact that he and his ex were still talking and interacting on social media. This proves that he was receiving my messages because after I sent this, she stopped liking his posts. The following images show the last time that she liked one of his photos, and the fact that she stop liking them subsequently.
Again, I was not seeking attention or recognition of any kind, rather I was minding my own business, simply trying to use my voice to speak the truth and stand up to cyberbullies, such as the examples from screen shots listed below, include the woman below, Kesa, who has been cyberstalking me for over a year, and has attempted to catfish several times. I had to reach out to her family and friends to plead for them to get her to stop:
 Additionally, his fans, specially one comedian continued to troll me and post information on craigslist to further fuel the situation. See the evidence here:
This has caused me so  much stress had has aggravated my lupus to the point that I was sick at the time of my Alex Cross premier in 2012.
In the end, Seth proved to be a part of the abuse as he invited those who abused me to his Christmas Party. I predicted that he would do so in attempts to gaslight me. I also predicted that he would try to use some gimmick to garner support, and I was right again, as you can clearly see the difference in the party attendees from last year (bottom row) to this year (top row) on the photo below.
This is how my year went…. Thanks Seth MacFarlane! I don’t want to sue or any attention. I just wanted to tell my story, however, if the harassment continues… I will go to court. I have had to spend thousands of dollars to fund my own voice to combat the slander from the cyberstalkers and bots that have tried to silence me over the past year. If anyone wants to dispute any of the facts, then please investigate, get law enforcement involved. I encourage that. Of course people will deny their role, but the facts are there for all to see. Bottom line, I don’t want to date Seth or be near him in any capacity. At any time, he could have stopped the cyberstakering of his fans with a simple tweet saying “leave her alone” but he chose not to even give me that decency. I only trolled back and said we were together because people wouldn’t stop harassing me saying we weren’t.  Case closed.

 If you have any questions, or are upset about this situation, please contact his lawyer:

Simenona Martinez is an avid writer and business woman. She is passionate about making the world a better place.