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Friday 5 June 2020
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Olivia Pope is Taken: Scandal’s Recap

Olivia Pope is Taken: Scandal’s Recap

Abc’s Scandal returned with its winter premiere leaving their gladiators in a darker mood.

In episode “Run” Olivia Pope has been kidnapped and we get to see how it all went down, through her perspective!
The first five minutes we saw the same last scenes from the winter finale where Olivia Pope was dragged from her apartment. By who? We still don’t know. But the shocker was she was right next door while Jake was looking for her! In a room with a number of men dressed in all black wearing ski masks, Olivia soon found herself trapped in a prison.

She wasn’t alone. There was a disturbing prisoner trapped in a room with her…so we thought. He revealed his true colors as Olivia tried desperately to escape. He was in fact the man who grabbed her!

When Olivia  tried to escapes she not only found out her prison mate was no prisoner at all, she also found out that the outside of the “prison“, the sky and trees,  were fake! She ran into a giant projector on a wall that was a part of the trap. It was quite refreshing to see Miss Pope in such a vulnerable state but still a gladiator at heart.

Now maybe I am alone on this, but after Olivia mentioned Presidents Fitz name to the prisoner, bragging about how he is looking for her and isn’t going to stop till he finds her, for the rest of the episode I was wondering how crazy Fitz was going. To me she should have kept that hush hush, because now Fitz and the rest of the nation is in a screwed up situation. In the next episode he will have to choose between a war and Olivia’s life.

I wonder if Miss Pope is going to expect him to choose her over the country (most likely). But that wouldn’t be “fair” since she has never really chosen Fitz (especially with Jake in the picture now).

Next, we will find out if President Fitz will declare war to save Olivia.

No wonder I was drinking from the wine bottle instead wine glass. TGIT.

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