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Monday 22 July 2019
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How Many Internships Are Enough?

How Many Internships Are Enough?

Find yourself snagging internship after internship? Then wondering when will you land a permanent job? Do not think you’re alone. I get offered an internship faster than a steady job these days. In a way you may start to feel like employers don’t see your worth, as something greater, something more. While there are employers who are cheap like Mr. Krabs, that do not want to pay you your worth, the fault may lay in you.  Be honest with yourself. Are you showing up prepared and on time? Are you still being spoon fed after being weeks in, or taking the initiative? Think of it like a relationship, if only one person is benefiting from it, then chances are they’re going to hit the road. And just like any relationship, everyone has needs, so make the company feel like they need you. Step outside of the duties they gave to you and do other stuff around the office. Like change the trash, the water jug or restock on a supply that’s low, such as cups or straws.


If you are dealing with a Mr. Krab or the company legitimately doesn’t have a position available at that time, then what? (Personally, I’ve done four.) How many internships will be enough for an employer to feel like you do have enough experience?

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