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Saturday 24 March 2018
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Hollywood Harassment and Child Sex Abuse

Hollywood Harassment and Child Sex Abuse
Although many were victims, the sad fact is that some of the women were actively and proudly involved with the #HarveyWeinstein situation and went along with it. They sought out roles or other positions in exchange for sexual favors, and that was their choice in some cases.
I’m extremely successful and never had to bed anyone but then again, I was never willing to compromise my body or morals for a part. I also never desired commercial success. I care about the children without voices, who have been victimized, as children in the industry are often taken advantage of, and that needs to be stopped immediately. I don’t care about commercial success, I care about what’s right.
That’s why I spoke out, because what is wrong is wrong.
Though some women are clearly victims, many willingly went along with the arrangements for their own personal gain. That doesn’t make you a pioneer, it makes you apart of the problem. If we are going to fight for the women then let’s fight for the children too. That’s what I care about.
Women date guys for parts all the time. Look at Seth MacFarlane, he may not have “forced” any of his exes to bed him but it’s still an unfair power dynamic. He has bedded everyone single one of his leading ladies, none of whom would have dated him if he wasn’t a producer.
They dated during their projects and always remained close friends-see his friends list. For example, this behavior can be illustrated with D-lister Trisha Cummings. She had a boyfriend but still slept with MacFarlane, going to the extent of calling him her “soulmate” while in a relationship with someone else. These women know how to flatter massively insecure men to the point of wrapping them around their fingers.
All of his relationships were short-lived with costars, hardly epic romances. Even Emilia, called the paps while bedding MacFarlane. They all did it for publicity and for parts, and this is all too common in Hollywood.
You can’t ignore the many women traveling to Dubai for sexual favors in exchange for bags and lifestyles. Many do the same for “likes” by constantly using their social climbing network for attention because they are desperate for fame and likes on social media.
I have been speaking about sexual assault for year(s) as well as this problem just now being brought to life by the media regarding Harvey Weinstein.
I was harassed by MacFarlane, who ran his big mouth to people which caused his exes to hound me with racial slurs/harassment. Then I lashed out on Twitter which caused me to be stalked/harassed by his fans for a YEAR. What happened to me was a digital form of what happened to many girls in person, but me, I said “No” to HIM which led to a YEAR of abuse by proxy.
A few days ago, I illustrated this in dummy statement/social experiment to show the reaction and behavior towards sexual abuse victims. I was called unstable, a wh0re, a liar and so forth. It stopped once I showed proof of his knowledge of me. However, that’s the perception and the climate for victims. Victim shaming is alive and well.
That’s why it is also essential to make a clear and cut distinction between victims vs. enablers. Making a joke that women have to have sex for parts isn’t a heroic move, especially if women use you in the same way. Going to the police is heroic, regardless of a friend’s wishes to bed you for a part and not the other “fat guy”. (Jessica Barth)
Many women have dealt with harassment, every day in fact!! This is not specific to Hollywood, it’s an epidemic.
Those disgusting people who attacked me based on assumption, insecurity and inadequate cognitive ability should, well, would* be ashamed if they had any self-awareness, but that is sadly unlikely.
These things need to change but what I am advocating for is the protection of our child actors.
I believe Hollywood is an essential part of society. It’s Art, but most importantly it’s a Family! Family is not without their issues and secrets. Hollywood is imperfect, but they’re still people. They matter, especially the safety of the children. That’s my focus, my only focus.
I couldn’t care less about MacFarlane or his lack of character for allowing his fans to slander me because of HIS bad judgement. I can’t speak for every woman he has pursued, but I wasn’t different nor special. That was obvious in his disregard and ultimately his discard of me. I have been complaining for a year about this harassment. I guess once he realized I wouldn’t put out, I had no value.
The absolute stupidity of some defending him without any prior knowledge is unfathomable but as a victim of sexual assault, that is expected.
No industry is without its scars and baggage, the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is no exception. It is irrelevant who knew and what they knew, the bigger picture is we ALL know now. How can we protect women and children (and even men) going forward?
Society needs to learn to be more compassionate and understanding. What MacFarlane did to me was inexcusable but it happens all the time. Instead of making my life hell at work, he allowed his fans to SLANDER me FIRST* with complete disregard of my own personal privacy or safety as a women and recluse.
At any point, he could have made a small tweet about leaving me alone. Although, he did feature me on his mother’s foundation legacy even after I had “slandered” him in my defense, it did nothing to stop the harassment.
The truth is uncomfortable but it remains the truth. I know that my story seems strange and even unlikely, but instead of questioning the reality of the situation, people should question the root of the abuse, and ask why a man surrounded by this amount of dysfunction would allow this to take place.
I was stalked by his exes and fans. So they are all a part of my sexual abuse or harassment. It was no different than any of these actresses who TURNED DOWN the casting couch and were bullied. There is no difference, EXCEPT THAT I WAS PUBLICLY SHAMED FOR STANDING UP.
I don’t care about seeking justice against MacFarlane for many reasons, the biggest one being perception, I am sexually inexperienced but have been called a whore. I am disabled and take no suggestive pictures, but have been called an attention seeker. I don’t want dirty money. I would rather spend my effort into NOT giving him any of my effort.
Seth has a pretty good reputation outside of bedding his costars, pregnancy fetish and dating young girls. However, in his defense, if a girl is aware what she is doing and why she is doing it, then fair exchange, no robbery.
Kids, however, don’t have a say and that’s the voices I want to hear. The purpose of me writing this is to shed light on the fact that children in the entertainment industry are constantly targeted by sexual abusers. This has been an “open secret” in Hollywood for many years, and a systematic approach needs to be implemented to take these abusers down and protect these innocent victims.
🌟So before you troll me or respond negatively to this article, think about that first. Then stop, and get a life. 

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