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Friday 3 July 2020
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2014 should be the Year of Dreams because life without passion isn’t life at all. Life controlled by fear is merely existing as an empty vessel with a heartbeat. Be the person you want to be, and more importantly, go after what makes you happy.  Happiness was never intended for compromise. Be who you are without apology, and even more daring, be that with pride. You are capable, you are competent and I believe in you. Not only should you chase your dreams but you should catch them.

It’s never too late for love, a family, success, career or happiness. It may not be composed in the exact manner which you imagined, however, when is it ever? 2014 should be the year of “no regret” because you’re worth the chance.

During New Years we gather around with friends and family, celebrating the successes and losses of the year. Most importantly we make a New Year Resolution, which is a promise to do better and be better. It is with this tradition that we perform an act of HOPE, hope that next year will be different and success seems a little more attainable than before. We never give HOPE enough credit because without hope there is nothing to look forward to. There are positives in every negative.
Nelson Mandela Dies- December 5, 2013
There are no adjectives to describe Nelson Mandela, who he was or what he meant, which speaks volumes. You couldn’t put him in box or even a jail cell and expect that to define him. He was a flowing force that transformed his outer circumstances into triumphs. He spoke and lived in knowledge. Whether or not you believed in his fight, you knew of his Journey, you knew who he was. He was living a life for purpose and with intention. (July 18, 1918-December 5, 2013)

Typhoon Haiyan Philippines- 11-07-2013
This natural disaster was beyond devastation and to see it first hand was surrealistic. 15 million — 15% of the country’s population were affected (http://bit.ly/1jbUVRj) and the death toll: 5,759.  There were children crying out for their mothers and mothers in search of their children. You’d never know the definition of a longing heart until you endured an event of this velocity. What was most inspiring was seeing the acts of kindness and self-sacrifice exhibited amongst the survivors. This only reinforced the ideology of the resiliency of the human spirit. Destitute but not dead. Knowing that living is a priceless gift, even when everything is washed away.
Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting- 09-17-2013

12 dead. The most disturbing thing about this event is that it is common. Yes, it is common. This in no way is to demean the victims, rather a wakeup call to America. This is America’s “New Normal”. Shootings have become a convoy to  our morning coffees at Starbucks. This is unacceptable which is why it is so confusing that some of us choose to accept it. That some still maintain the benighted notion that “That would never happen here.” It does and it will, if we do not do something about it. This is not meant to inaugurate panic but to provide an accurate depiction of the current state of society. It’s not only about Gun Control but about Mental Health.  We have to take responsibility for Navy Yard, Shady Hook, Colorado, Columbine, LAX Shooting, not as the killer, but as the answer.

If anything else, this is another reason to start a discussion and to perform daily acts of kindness…You never know who you’re saving with a smile.
Detroit files for bankruptcy-07-18-2013
As someone with family in Detroit, this was calamitous. However, as a firm believer in resiliency,  I know Detroit will thrive a again. It was so inspiring to see some individuals who have taken matters into their own hands by helping the community. That is beautiful and speaks volumes about the human spirit.

Boston Marathon Blasts-04-16-2013
Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, the U.S. has been on high alert for acts of terror. This was a heinous crime that reminded us all to stay on alert, and report all suspicious activity. Our great country always pulls together in times of distress, and the Boston Marathon blasts were no different. The city rallied around the victims and their families, and once again, we realize the importance of true heroes such as firefighters, policemen and those in armed forces.

Margaret Thatcher-04-07-2013
The passing of Margaret Thatcher marked a celebration of one of the most important women of our time. As the first female British Prime Minister, she helped break down stereotypes and barriers that many thought would never be broken. Furthermore, she held the office for longer than any other Prime Minister in the 20th Century, making waves in Education, Business and Foreign Affairs while being elected for three straight terms. She will always remain an inspiration for women everywhere.

It has been theorized that the motive for some recent crimes is to gain National recognition. The idea that someone would commit a crime for that reason is without a doubt disturbing but not surprising. We do live in a era in which everyone, from toddlers to seniors, is desperately seeking relevancy in all the wrong places. Now more than ever, kids want to be famous more than they want to go to college. “Reality” Television is a bigger threat to society than Global Warming. Ridiculous? I think not.

2     0     1     3     is over but not forgotten. Life isn’t perfect and negative things happen but we must never allow that to make us stop living, dreaming or smiling. There are positives in every negative. If nothing else, we learned, therefore, we’ve grown. Growth is priceless.
As for me….

This was definitely a coming of age year for me.  I cut all contact with people that were negative and no good for me which was the best decision I have ever made. As a result of that, it provided me the mind and strength to come forward about my sexual assault in 2007. I feel at peace and I feel freedom for the first time in a long time. God is continually blessing me and for that I am humbled. Life is beyond good for me and I am taking it one day at a time.  I have never been happier and whole as I am right now. I give all credit to God because without him I am nothing. I’m smiling from the inside out and my heart is full. I’m ready for the New Year!!

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