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Sunday 27 September 2020
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Domestic Violence: Love is not Pain

Domestic Violence: Love is not Pain

Summary and Notice of Lawsuit

Please Note: This is a brief summary of Hollywood Hate Crime.

For the FULL 4 year log for Hollywood Hate Crime: Click Here:: 


I feel that it is important to discuss what exactly I endured over the last 4 years.  This will be different than previous posts because it will be direct, precise and to the point.

I have been in other relationships where I was a victim of domestic violence, physical violence. However, those relationships weren’t true relationships as I was still in school.

Spring forward to 2016, I met my now ex of 4 years. I don’t considered what we had a relationship and I do not consider him an ex boyfriend. He was a public figure and I choose to be a private citizen.

Disregarding celebrity worship and just considering a person as a person, however flawed they may be. I noticed when speaking my truth people simply cannot wrap their heads around celebrities being normal people with normal emotions which would include: Jealousy.

The fact that the harassment became unbearable, he had to use a beard to distract his fans from attacking me.  All was good, right? No. As with any actress she started eating up the attention and now that meant getting me out of the way. She lied and said that he bought her a dog but for whatever reason, whenever she shared the dog, his fans would blow up the forums with rape ads. Of course, the most sensible thing to do is to stop posting the dog or post it on its OWN page, which it did also have. Unfortunately, my ex and his beard didn’t care and went to town. He liked the picture repeatedly.

I never considered him any more than the source of pain.

As you can see below, this was the full cast image that they used to break the story about Seth dating Halston.

There are several reasons for that:

  • He’s never said ‘happy birthday’ to me nor was he present during any holidays or celebrations.
  • He never showed up or offered to drive me to any infusion treatments for my Lupus.
  • I don’t know his family, friends or anything about him, as he gave nothing of himself.
  • Abuse by proxy; He encouraged a transvestite, Kyra Santoro (How she identifies herself) that he hired to harass me and stalk me.
  • He encouraged his exes to harass and stalk me.
  • Throw dirt on my name and my independently built empire.
  • When asked not to invite these said abusers to his self thrown 44-46 annual birthday parties and holiday parties because my paperwork came back from the DA’s office regarding a sexual assault case  that occurred while we were dating but HAS NOTHING  to do with him, had come that day in the mail.
  • I pleaded and begged, sometimes publicly which was met with laughter,  but they didn’t care and showed up anyway for 4 years and my ex partied with them.
  • His exes and fans for 3 SOLID years wrote bogus massage ads, re-victimizing me and ultimately sexually assaulted me daily. 
  • I helped with his job and his life and I was abused as a result.

So, what were the crimes?

  • Hate Crime. 
  • Stalking and Harassing.
  • Hacking, Slander and libel. 
  • Gross negligence,
  • Trauma of pain and suffering.
  • I was hospitalized over 6 times.
  • Whether they did it because of because of an personality disorder, racism, pettiness or jealousy it didn’t matter it is a Hate Crime.

The celebrities involved are as follows:
Elon Musk
Trisha Cummings 
Halston Sage 
Emilia Clarke  
Kyra Santoro 
Vicki Krinsky

Olivia Culpo
Alexis Knapp 

In addition to about 15 fans. 

What was their motivation?

  • Racism and Jealousy:
  • Their motivation was to hurt me and ultimately have me commit suicide.
  • They read the story I wrote regarding my ex being murdered by his obsessive ex and they became that…
  • Whether it was involuntary or not, the intent has always been clear. 

Watching them, the racist people who stalked and sexually harassed me, steal my legacy and identity all while screaming ‘black lives matter.’ THIS IS AMERICA


What did they mirror?

  •  Mirroring is not a new concept, rather it’s regularly used in the FBI but within very different context; negotiations and so forth.
  • In this case with these criminal women they mirrored speech, clothing, trauma, physical characteristics, hobbies, interests, and my hair.
  • The most extreme was Kyra Santoro, she would mirror in real-time, if I posted strawberries on my hair, two minutes later she would do the same. She was my most aggressive stalker.

Did it escalate beyond that?

  •  Yes. As an successful mogul who has succeeded in various male dominated fields, I’m a shark.
  • There is this one particular billionaire who obsessively stalks me. He has hired PIs to spy on me.
  • For example,  I’ll order something from a secure site then it popped up on the form, asking me if I like brought.
  • It doesn’t help that I have Highlander Syndrome, I am of age but will always remain looking as a child. You can imagine that I can attract the wrong kind of attention that this billionaire goes crazy for.  He monitors everything that I do.  I’m trapped? How do I get out?

The aspect of race:

  • I was fighting an uphill battle because I was dealing with women who were constantly nude. Men tend to believe women who are naked by overvaluing a woman’s looks because everyone looks better naked.
  • Then there’s the factor of race and the uncomfortable truth that white women are to be believed. 
  • Even with our illnesses, Emilia Clarke is treated with such compassion and kindness. ” I hope she’s not sick”  But me, I am called fat and made fun of for being in a wheelchair.
  • I’m called lonely because I am fighting several diseases and don’t have energy.
  • It’s so easy to be praised when you’re white but as we’ve seen for 4 years, everything is criticized and belittled for black women most often by white women without any careers because as white woman laying on your back is equivalent to a  PHD in rocket science when pared with a black woman.  I was constantly trolled regarding my hair, weight, and complexion.
  • No wants to believe that these white women are capable of doing what has been done to me in the most horrible way.

How did you finally catch the criminals?

  • Well, I knew that they would pretty much mirror anything that I did.  In 2020, I tweeted out a code. The following day, Kyra Santoro releases her mirroring product line containing, of course the code, and things that I had previously discussed. 
  • Over the course of a year, I logged each time they used this code mirroring me.  It was a opportunity to allow criminals to write their own confessions and endings. They were caught.

What injuries did I sustain these last 4 years?

  • Loss of Mobility
  • Loss of Lupus REMISSION
  • Loss sperm donor
  • Loss of privacy as they wrote personal information on the forums.
  • Loss of safety and security
  • Six hospitals injuries
  • The worse of all his having his mentally ill exes literally steal my identity and legacy while screaming “BLM”

What did I help him with?

  • Everything. How he treated me was appalling.. He hacks into my phone and allows his ex Trisha to do the same to stay ahead of me.

Why did I stay?

  • They knew where I lived, when I went to the doctors, who I spoke to therefore the cyberstalking was now actually stalking.
  • I don’t think anyone realizes the profound torture of being held hostage by a monster online for 4 years. The attempts to isolate you and make you feel too unsafe to leave the house. So, the only way that you can feel safe is by keeping tabs on your abusers.
  • The horror of someone watching you and stalking you. Writing about your interactions, outings, conversations and intimate moments online anonymously for the world to see and for you only to know is a special kind of sadistic.
  • Then watching those people being rewarded and having parties in your honor knowing they’ve taken away your ability to walk is a special kind of sick. These creatures should not rome the earth.

The Takeaway:

  • The truth is my ex could do what he’s always done to hurt me and claim that he’s been with his beard the entire time. He never loved me, I was just something that he and his friends could sadistic abuse.  

Simenona Martinez is an avid writer and business woman. She is passionate about making the world a better place.