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Saturday 4 July 2020
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Why is it that we kick, cry, and scream for things that we do not really want? We chase things because we can’t have them or they do not want us, so that’s exciting… Everyone has their own reasons for taking part in the chase and everyone has their own excuses why they choose not to stop the chase… 
For some people, the chase keeps them on their toes, excited, if you will. For others, chasing is the only way a person can show they love them, some people like to be chased because that’s the only way they feel wanted. Chasing to some is an escape from reality, or chasing is a way to rebuild what you perceive as reality.We often find ourselves at a crossroads once the chase is completed. If you have caught what you were chasing, it’s no longer fun; you have no use for it, you’re disappointed and bored. Usually, whatever you’re chasing shouldn’t be caught, there is a reason why you can’t attain


Whether you’re chasing a man, love, death or a career, it doesn’t matter… you have to stop. You can’t live your life running around in circles because the root of a circle never changes; and life is about change.

Once you stop chasing and analyze what it was that you were chasing, you begin to realize that what you want, doesn’t want you. There is no “GAME” when it comes to love. Love isn’t a game. Most importantly, if it feels like a game…Then it isn’t love.

Do your best to not beat yourself up about it… “Oh I spent 12 years chasing (insert here).” It doesn’t matter because you’re human and it’s natural to want things, even the wrong things. Just move forward on a positive note, knowing that the only thing you should be chasing is your dreams.

Simenona Martinez is an avid writer and business woman. She is passionate about making the world a better place.