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Thursday 2 July 2020
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Banish the blues with Bach flower remedies

Banish the blues with Bach flower remedies

So, what are the Bach flower remedies? They are simple mixtures of water, flowers, and brandy, which work to heal emotional problems, thereby restoring mental harmony and preventing physical illness from taking hold. Developed as a complete system by Dr Edward Bach, they are safe, simple, and effective.

There are 38 different flower remedies. Each one conveys a unique blueprint of care with regards to the emotional state. Using these remedies in the correct way will offer you peace of mind, whatever emotion your experiencing.

We are discussing using these remedies to beat the well known phenomenon of the January blues! First up is the remedy hornbeam. It is well known for banishing that Monday morning feeling! Hornbeam is really great for helping with symptoms of tiredness which can be worse during the Winter months. Used alongside olive it can give you added strength and focus and balance. Feeling completely drained after all of the Christmas festivities, olive can redress this quite succinctly. For mental, physical and spiritual exhaustion. For feelings of despondency, Gentian will come to your aid rather nicely! Mustard is for blacker, deeper feelings when the joy is missing but there is no reason for this. Gorse will overcome hopelessness and start to restore strength and faith. Sweet chestnut should be taken if you feel stretched beyond endurance.

The remedies can be taken as 4 drops under the tongue, or a few drops added to a glass of water for sipping throughout the day. Bach flower remedies were designed to be simple to understand and use. Bach cited words to this effect, saying that “even the very  herbs can be gathered and prepared by any who take delight in such”


Angela Mitchell

Qualified massage therapist with 13 yrs experience. Currently studying LifeCoaching. Mum to twins aged 10. Love everything to do with health and lifestyle, complementary health such as aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies. Was a writer at Choice Health magazine for 2 yrs