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Monday 9 December 2019
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Posts by: Peter Minkoff


How to Match Your Style to Your Personality

Fashion should be considered as a way of expressing our personality. Blindly following fashion trends and just copying manikins from shop...


5 Reasons Why Swimming Is Good for You

People are always looking for new activities that they can fit into their schedule that will make them look and feel better. And there are...


5 Ways Fashion Can Transform Your Self Esteem

Feeling good about ourselves is key to the way other people will perceive us. There is no question that our choice of clothes has a lot to...


How to Improve Your Fitness Routine in 5 Easy Steps

Hitting a plateau is not easy on the mind, or the body. While leading a healthy fitness lifestyle bears numerous lifelong health benefits...

vacation must haves

Winter in the Sun: 5 Vacation Must Haves

Every year it’s the same thing, you can’t wait for the weather to cool down so that you can enjoy a casual walk without melting into a...

finding the love of your life

Finding the Love of Your Life

Are your giving it your all to find the love of your life and falling short every time? Ladies, you are the makers of your own destiny, and...

Spring Fitness Tips for Her

It’s spring! The weather outside is gorgeous and there’s no better time than now to start focusing on our spring beauty and fitness...

formal plus size

Formal Plus Size Style Tips

Plus size doesn’t exclude sexy or glamorous. However, it’s important to follow certain rules and find  clothes that are suitable for...

healthy lifestyle changes

Self-Improvement: Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Focusing on self-improvement is one of the best paths to a happier and more fulfilled life. If you’re satisfied with yourself and life in...

Natural Healing Guide After Cosmetic Surgery

Once you decide to have a cosmetic surgery, you have to be aware of the fact that you will still to go through some healing afterwards....