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Monday 6 December 2021
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Attract Your Perfect Mate

Attract Your Perfect Mate

Finding that perfect partner is a desire that most of us share, but knowing how to attract not only a partner, but also the “right” partner, can be unusual and profound for some. Affirm your right to find your mate.

 Find out what is preventing you from having your mate. Write a list of thoughts that come up as to why you are not able to have a healthy relationship.

Some examples of these may be:

  • I am still in a relationship that is not serving me.
  • I have young children.
  • I am not worthy.

Years of negative self-talk may take a dramatic toll on our everyday lives.  There has got to be some truth in the idea of what we think about, we bring about. If our daily thoughts are “I can’t, I don’t, I am not,” etc., then  is it any wonder as to why those things keep coming up and manifesting in our lives?

We are constantly creating whether consciously or unconsciously. Every thought we have goes out to the universe. Because the universe is neutral, the thought will manifest whether positive or negative.

 I have carried a few lessons with me in life. One that I remember well is when I became certified as a life coach through a certification program.  Coach For Life Facilitator, Marcia Collins, taught a great tool to her students.  I remember her teaching that the key is to acknowledge your negative thought by simply saying “thank you, I acknowledge you.” Then take your hand and throw it over your shoulder as to toss the thought out.” This is something that I still use often today.

Be proactive at what you are seeking and write out a list of 10 things you can do to attract your mate. Create it to fit your individual desires.

  1. Be willing and ready to receive love and to give love back.
  2. Start getting healthy by eating better or by exercise. This may also help with clearing your mind.
  3. Meditate daily on what it feels like to have your mate already in your life.
  4. End a current unhealthy relationship. If you allow unhealthy, that is what you will continue to attract. Make way for the new.

Believing in ourselves can be an unnatural feeling for many of us. Without the tools, our brains are trained to repeat what it already knows and has already stored. Retraining our thoughts can be key to turning our lives around and manifesting what it is that we truly desire. But like anything, it takes practice.

Read a positive affirmation with conviction, out loud, daily for a week.  Come up with another to say for the next week

An affirmation is something that can be personal just for you but, may look like this:

 “I am fully content in the idea of my ideal love. I have faith in God, the universe and in myself for manifesting and designing this beautiful person just for me. “

 “I am a beautiful, spiritual woman worthy of unconditional, effortless, and passionate love from a partner who absolutely adores me. I am open to receiving this love and for giving it back in return.”

Remember that you are the only one that you can make decisions for. Claim what it is that you want and simply allow your magnificent, wonderful self to have it!

Love and light, 


Gina is a blogger, creative writer, full-time journalism major, a mother of two beautiful daughters, 18 and 20, and a forever student in Life. Her dream is to inspire and empower as many souls that she possibly can through writing, advocacy, and speaking to those that are on a path to better themselves and to grow spiritually as well. Love and Light! Gigi Marie