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Wednesday 28 October 2020
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Seth MacFarlane Fandom Cyber-stalking and Harassment Continues

Seth MacFarlane Fandom Cyber-stalking and Harassment Continues

As you know, the ongoing saga between Seth MacFarlane and I has reached its breaking point, and more than likely will result in a lawsuit.
I am receiving constant harassment and annoyance. I don’t classify this as bullying but rather jealousy peppered with mental illness.
Do you care if I dated him? Probably not. I think most of the world would agree with those sentiments.

However, these trolls are dangerous, racist, stupid and insane. That’s more than a triple threat.
They had my Twitter accounts deleted, but that’s perfectly fine because it’s just social media. I could not care less, I am more concerned with this obsession.
The slanderous attacks do not bother me because my character speaks for itself. Them accusing me of being a person with an account dating back from 2016 is not of concern. His racist exes are not a concern to me. I am concerned about the level of involvement in a matter that no one should care this much about.



In closing, this is a toxic side of the fandom that breeds negativity, and oversteps their bounds as a result of celebrity worship. I do not harbor any hatred towards anyone. I only want to be left alone. The only reason that I created the wifeymacfarlane account was to counteract all the negative things that the trolls say about me and to highlight the positive things that I have done and said about Seth. It is my wish that everyone can move forward peacefully and positively from this situation. Anyone who has followed me on social media over the past decade knows that I am a peaceful and positive person who wants the best for everyone. My passion is world betterment, and I would like to return my focus to such causes.


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