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Saturday 24 August 2019
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3 ways to increase your activity during the day

3 ways to increase your activity during the day

635910861623211856-932915970_fruit-wallpaper-20353-20863-hd-wallpapersYou can do anything with good health! You can always fit activity into your daily schedule. Any activity is better than no activity. Check out this video showing different ways in which you can increase activity during the day.


  1. Run/Walk with your pets: It is important that you and your pet get some activity into your day! Try walking/ running with your pet around your house or outside.
  2. Dance: This is a fun way to increase activity during the day! Put on some music and rock out! Every move you make will use energy!
  3. Leg lifts: You can try some leg lifts while sitting and watching TV. This is a great way to increase your activity while you enjoy a movie.

Any activity is beneficial! Burn Calories and get moving!

Candida Khan, RD

Candida Khan, RD


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