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Sunday 11 December 2016
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Essential oils for beating winter!!!

Once again the winter season is knocking at our doors. While we are always prepared in some ways….like starting to think of Xmas...


Election Wounds: How Does A Nation Heal After Such A Tragic Loss

People are still feeling the effects of the 2016 election results. While few are still celebrating, most of America is still...


Change = Results

If you ever feel “stuck” or ” spinning your wheels “,  and not getting the results in your life that you want, you...


These Girls Do Exist

If she flirts with every guy using the eye, 9x 10 she’s going to ride She’s a scandal in the books, trying to use her looks to get...


Geranium: The Woman’s Essential Oil

Geranium or perlagoneum graveolens in Latin is a fascinating plant. There are over 200 perlagonium cultivars. The main producing areas are...


Behind the Scenes at the 4th Annual Nappywood Los Angeles Natural Hair & Lifestyle Expo!

The 4th Annual Nappywood Los Angeles Natural Hair & Lifestyle Expo was held at the Reef- Magic Box on August 5-6, 2016. The community...


Monday Motivation

simeona poe

Creative Writing


Happy Sunday


How Many Internships Are Enough?

Find yourself snagging internship after internship? Then wondering when will you land a permanent job? Do not think you’re alone. I...

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